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Greece on the Couch: Session 2


"Thank you for calling the Pasok hotline: · If you want to register a complaint, please press 1 · If you want to whine in mild frustration, please press 2 · If you want to stamp your feet and have a fit, please press 3" Mark Dragoumis puts Greece back on the therapy chair in Greece on the Couch 2, a new selection of 37 illuminating pieces from his popular Analyse This column in the Athens News. Join Mr Dragoumis as he tries to help the country move past its deep-seated corruption, fear of economic competition and status quo mentality. Hear his examination of Pasok's election defeat, and his diagnosis of a church and state who desperately need a divorce.

Category: Sociology
Code: 11091
ISBN: 9789608920002
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 148
Publication Date: 2006
Publisher: Athens News Publications
Published In: Greece
Language: English