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A Daily Devotional for Great Lent

This unpretentious little book of meditations based on Scripture, ancient hymns, and writings from Church Fathers will nourish the souls of reflective seekers during the forty-day period of Great Lent. Authors of each meditation have delved deeply into the sins and shortcomings of their own hearts, enabling readers to share in a collective human experience - from darkness to light, from despair to hope, and from isolation to commonality in the body of Christ - as they move steadily toward our Lord s Resurrection.

The Pilgrimage to Pascha is a lifelong journey, a walk into deep mystery. Father Steven, a seasoned journeyman, leads us carefully and delicately along the path. The living pilgrimage is a dark, yet light, journey that leads to the Cross, personal and non-negotiable, before we arrive at Pascha. With Father Steven s deft guidance, we travel the path as sojourners with a clear and welcoming vision. --Albert Rossi

This book is a treasure-house full of timely, practical, challenging, soul-searching wisdom for the spiritual life Especially if this book is read prayerfully and humbly, we believe it will be helpful to many, in taking us deeper in our spiritual life; in helping us make more progress on the path of holiness in thought, word, and deed; and in ushering us into more profound intimacy with Christ - our Creator, Savior, and Benefactor. --Drs. David & Mary Ford

Code: 12989
ISBN: 9781944967963
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 152
Publication Date: 2021
Publisher: Ancient Faith Publishing
Published In: USA
Language: English