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The Great Horologion or Book of Hours, Volume 1


In church or at home, The Great Horologion is indispensable for the divine services. Printed in black and red throughout in large format for easy reading in church, in the same typeface in the same size printed on the same acid-free Mohawk Vellum paper as the Menaion, Pentecostarion, Octoëchos, and Holy Week.

Part One provides the order of services with complete texts and Lenten variants for the Midnight Service, Matins, the Hours, Vespers, Small and Great Compline.Part Two contains the Troparia of the Resurrection in the Eight Tones, Troparia for Weekdays, and Theotokia; the Katavasiae for the Seasons of the year; and the Eclogarion, which contains the psalmic selections used for the Polyeleos.Part Three contains Akathists to our Saviour, the Theotokos and the Cross; Supplicatory Canons to our Saviour, the Theotokos, the Guardian Angel and to the Angels and All Saints; and the Communion Prayers.



Preface 11A Note on Days Designated as “Alleluia”A Note on the Second Editionpart onePrayers Upon AwakeningThe Midnight Service for WeekdaysThe Midnight Service for SaturdaysThe Midnight Service for SundaysThe Service of MatinsThe Six PsalmsHymns to the TrinityThe Evlogitaria of the ResurrectionThe Evlogitaria for the ReposedThe Matins GospelThe Nine OdesHymns of the Guiding Light for Each ToneExapostilaria for Each Day of the WeekThe PraisesThe Great DoxologyThe HoursThe First HourThe Mid-Hour of the First HourThe Third HourThe Mid-Hour of the Third HourThe Sixth HourThe Mid-Hour of the Sixth HourThe Service of the TypicaFor the Service of the Divine LiturgyThe Antiphons for Daily Use at the Divine LiturgyProkeimenon of the Epistle and Alleluia of the Gospel for Every Day of the Week, and for Saints’ DaysCherubic HymnsCommunion HymnsThe Service of the RefectoryPrayers for the Midday MealThe Ninth HourThe Service of the Typica for All the Alleluia Daysof the Holy and Great Fast, Except SaturdayThe Mid-Hour of the Ninth HourThe Service of VespersThe Prayers in the RefectoryThe Service of Great ComplineThe Service of Small ComplinePart twoTroparia of the Immovable Feasts of the Whole Year and the Saints of Each Day (Menologion) and of the Moveable Feasts(Triodion and Pentecostarion) [Volume Two]Dismissal Hymns of the Resurrection in the Eight Tones, with Theotokia, Hypakoë, and KontakiaDismissal Hymns for the Other Days of the Week, Chanted When There is No FeastTheotokia for Every Tone, Chanted Throughout the Year after the Dismissal Hymns of Saints that are not Celebrated with Great Vespers, and When Hymns of the Octoëchos are not ChantedThe Katavasiae for the Seasons of the YearEclogarionBlessed is the ManThe PolyeleosBy the Waters of BabylonSelected Psalmic Verses for Feast Days8 the great horologion • volume one part threeThe Akathist Hymn to our Sweetest Lord Jesus ChristThe Akathist Hymn to the Most Holy TheotokosThe Canon of the Akathist HymnThe Small Supplicatory Canon to the Most Holy TheotokosThe Great Supplicatory Canon to the Most Holy TheotokosThe Service of Preparation for Holy CommunionThanksgiving After Holy CommunionA Supplicatory Canon to our Lord Jesus ChristA Supplicatory Canon to the Guardian Angel of a Man’s LifeA Supplicatory Canon to the Heavenly Powers and to All SaintsThe Akathist Hymn to the Spiritual Ladder, the Precious and Life-creating CrossAn Index of Saints [Volume Two]Paschalion for the Years 2020 to 2100 [Volume Two]


Code: 11467
ISBN: 9780943405230
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 392
Publication Date: 2020
Publisher: Holy Transfiguration Monastery
Language: English
Published In: USA