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Crete Through the Eyes of an Eagle


The photobook Crete Through the Eyes of an Eagle contains 250 photographs of the island from high above, impressive aerial photographs that offer a different view of Crete, images that remove us from the human scale and make us feel as though we are seeing through the eyes of an eagle. Selected from 5,500 photographs, the images presented here are numbered according to the map at the beginning of the book, where they are shown in their corresponding geographical position. The small accompanying texts help to present in a dreamlike way the most cosmic and mysterious Cretan coasts, towns and villages, the gentle and rugged coastlines, plains, forests, mountains and gorges, as well as the Minoan ruins and Venetian castles, thus expressing through images the rich history and natural landscape of the Great Island.

Category: Places & Sites
Code: 11169
ISBN: 9789605408503
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 192
Publication Date: 2008
Publisher: Toubis Editions
Published In: Greece
Language: English