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A Woman Raises Her Spirit


The author tells us: "Reader, walk with me to see how agonizing and heartbreaking my experiences were on the roads I passed. My father was responsible for tremendous mistakes he made which led to horrible occurrences that will shock you. Reading every page of this book you will begin to ask yourself, a simple question: If life is so difficult here on this planet, then, Hell, Where Is It? I was born in Brooklyn New York. That day, the sun chose to hide behind black clouds. While orphaned of our Mother, I made my first childhood steps in a small village in Greece. Our Father had no guilty feelings when he made the decision to leave us, me and my two years older only brother, there in this village. We, the two little Americans on foreign soil left with unknown people who had no goodness and did not want to give anything human to us." 

Category: Testimonies
Code: 10323
ISBN: 9780615121802
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 351
Publication Date: 2007
Publisher: Pauline S. Manos (Manolakos)
Published In: USA
Language: English