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Beyond the Broken Statues: Modern Greek Short Storie

The Modern Greek Literature Library

This anthology presents, in English translation and chronologically arranged, representative authors who illustrate the development of the short story in Greece from the beginning of the mid-1800's to 1950. Since literature is the product of an individual country with its own political and cultural history, naturally the short story in Greece possesses its own distinct characteristics. Therefore, the stories chosen for this volumebring to the reader a greater understanding of both of the Greek temperament and its special contribution to consciousness and literature.

Translated by Nickolas Kostis. Introduction by Peter Bean.

Table of Contents

  • Psychology of a Husband from Syra by Emmanuel Roidis
  • My Mother's Sin by George Vizyinos
  • Dream on the Wave by Alexandros Papadiamantis
  • How the Village Became Greek by Ioannis Kondilakis
  • In Broad Daylight by C.P. Cavafy
  • The Prince by Andreas Karkavitsas
  • The Madman With the Red Lilies by Gregorios Xenopoulos
  • The Little Hunchback by Stratis Myrivilis
  • Mycenae by Elias Venezis
  • The Boss by M. Karagatsis
  • Blackout by Stratis Tsirkas
  • Margarita Perdikar by Demetris Hatzis
  • Comparisons by George Kitsopoulos
  • The Hand by Galatia Saranti
  • The Teacher by George Ioannou
  • Small Change by Costas Taktsis
  • The End of the Matter by Marios Hakkas
  • Rosa Eskenazi by Dinos Christianopoulos
  • The Bath by Menis Koumantareas
  • The Shoes by Nikos Houliaras
  • In the Depths of the House by George Maniotis
Category: Short Stories
Code: 10022
ISBN: 9781932455120
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 252
Publication Date: 2006
Publisher: Cosmos Publishing
Language: English
Published In: Greece, USA