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The Power of the Dark God: A Novel


"This wonderful story, a Nietzschean reflection on freedom and necessity, authorizes its readers to invent their own Greeks and practice responsibly their own freedom." From the Introduction by VASSILIS LAMBROPOULOS, C.P. Cavafy Professor of Modern Greek, University of Michigan The relationship between a successful director of Greek tragedy, a young actress, and Euripides might be obvious if it weren't so confusing. If, that is, the director didn't regard his production of the Bacchae as being his last, if the young actress wasn't basically untalented, and if Euripides didn't make his appearance on stage as a ghost during the play's performance. With the pacing of a thriller, this unusual existential novel by Takis Theodoropoulos weaves the threads of a story in which, against the background of a production of the Bacchae, the impasse of human relationships is depicted and the present turns out to be a dream in the distant past. The one thing certain is that the spell of Dionysus, the god who prevails on and off stage, continues to work subversively. Love, death, and creation, the classic themes of literature, are dealt with in an entirely contemporary and original way.

Category: Novels
Code: 10033
ISBN: 9781932455168
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 159
Publication Date: 2007
Publisher: Cosmos Publishing
Published In: Greece
Translator: David Connolly
Language: English