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From the Edge of Greek Space


Exo Mani: Fifth villages, nestled here and there in the mountains and by the sea, along most of the western Mani peninsula, in the southernmost Peloponniso. And 3000 years of history here as well, often volatile. This volume seeks out and describes footprints of this history in this place; traces found on the ground, including ruins of forts and monasteries, and networks of stone pathways among the villages, but including as well more mundane things, such as terraces up the mountainsides for olive trees, and the trees on them, and old grinding stones, and mounds of sherds, mere rubble and more. These material traces were left on the ground of ExoMani, some during the days of Agamemnon, others during the times of Spartan generals, and then the times of pirate savagings, and then the heroic times of Kolokotroni.

Code: 11961
ISBN: 9789608032798
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 335
Publication Date: 2002
Publisher: Stachy
Published In: Greece
Language: English