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Greek Unorthodox: Bande a Part & a Farewell to Ikaros



"Boleman-Herring is an inveterate traveler, seeing journeys as a metaphor for life and learning, and this volume is a joy for those of us who are tied to our armchairs by whatever set of circumstances. Here we have evocative glimpses of places as varied as Constantinople, Mykonos, the Meteora, Santorini and the Mani, all viewed through a hypersensitive and acutely receptive eye."—Gillian Bouras, Author of "A Stranger Here"


"Americans often live abroad to understand their country —and themselves— better. Elizabeth Boleman-Herring shows us how in a marvel-filled book that is a love story, a psychological thriller, an expert travelogue, and an ode to Greece."—Jim Hoagland, Foreign Correspondent & Columnist

"...essential reading not only for students of contemporary Greek culture but for all who can learn from an honest and wise sensibility artfully rendered."—Edmund Keeley, Author of "Inventing Paradise: The Greek Journey, 1937-47

"While many high-paid television journalists will be completely and utterly forgotten, Kevin Andrews's "The Flight of Ikaros" and "Castles of the Mores" will be cherished by a select few for all time. This book provides precious details about his life and death."—Robert D. Kaplan, Author of "Balkan Ghosts" and "Mediterranean Winter"

Code: 10027
ISBN: 9781932455106
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 378
Publication Date: 2006
Publisher: Cosmos Publishing
Language: English
Published In: Greece, USA