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The Elgin Affair

The Abduction of Antiquity's Greatest Treasures and the Passions it Aroused

Behind the cold beauty of the famous Elgin Marbles is a steamy tale of intrigue, adultery, and ruin. Vrettos has re-created in colorful detail the full, scandalous story behind the abduction of one of the world's great treasures. Drawing on letters, diaries, official reports, memoranda, and divorce proceedings, Vrettos brings to life a fascinating slice of history. The author concludes with the latest battles between the Greek and English governments over the rightful ownership of these priceless pieces.

Category: Ancient Art
Code: 10634
ISBN: 9781559704571
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 240
Publication Date: 1998
Publisher: Time Warner/Little Brown
Published In: USA
Language: English