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The Priestmonk Eusebius Giannakakis (1910-1995), is one of the contemporary saintly and charismatic Elders who have adorned the Orthodox Church in recent decades. Forged in the crucible of monastic discipline as a monk in the Holy Monastery of Aghia Lavra at Kalavryta, he went on to study at the School of Theology in the University of Athens and then to assume pastoral responsibilities as a pioneering chaplain at the Hippocration Hospital, where he lived as an ascetic priest-monk and served with zeal and self-denial for thirty-five years.
He worked in obscurity for the glory of God, but his humility and love attracted a multitude of people who found in him a compassionate father and an unerring spiritual guide. The hospital chapel, which he himself founded, became an active center of liturgical life and an outreach of missionary service. As a sanctified liturgist and a true monk, Fr. Eusebius inspired many to embrace the priestly and the monastic life. Many are the priests and hierarchs who, while students then, learned by his side and today profess that Fr. Eusebius was their sacred prototype.
He was also the founder and builder of the Holy Convent of the Entrance of the Theotokos at Oropos, where he labored sacrificially for twenty years to organize the life of a thriving monastic community. He then went on to Aigialeia in 1987, to become the renovator and the new founder of the Holy Monastery of St. John the Theologian, where he established and guided the life of yet another Sisterhood of devout nuns and where he lived the final years of his blessed life.
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