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Precious in the Sight of the Lord is the Death of His Saints, Bilingual Edition


A Spiritual View of the Joy of the Resurrection

A commemorative photographic narrative of the repose and funeral of Geronda Ephraim of Arizona.

The passing of our beloved spiritual father on Dec. 7th 2019 was a sacred event surrounded by many miracles and the deepest joy from God. Many of the thousands who attended his funeral service experienced joy akin to the celebration of the Resurrection at Pascha. The contemplative photographs in this book capture the essence of the repose and funeral service for Geronda Ephraim, former abbot of Philotheou Monastery on Mount Athos and the founder of St. Anthony’s Monastery and 16 other Greek Orthodox monasteries across North America. Published by Saint Anthony’s Monastery, this volume offers an intimate glimpse into these sacred moments.

Code: 13016
ISBN: 9781945699474
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 166
Publication Date: 2020
Publisher: SAGOM Press
Published In: USA
Language: English, Greek