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Haunted Greece

Nymphs, Vampires and Other Exotika

The landscape of Greece is full of ghosts. Like the broken fragments of marble or the shards of pottery which turn up in the soil almost everywhere, the shades of the past have lingered long in this enchanted land. Almost every well, spring, cave, ravine, or mountain-top has its own story to tell. Many concern the strange creatures known in Greek as exotika. In Haunted Greece John L. Tomkinson takes a journey into the dark regions of the Hellenic folk memory. Here you will meet the fearful stringles who murder infants in their cots; beautiful nymphs who entice young men into insanity; the dead who climb out of their graves to prey upon friends and relatives; the mischievous demons who emerge from the Underworld during the twelve nights of Christmas; ox-headed serpents which haunt churches and foretell death; the rainbow-plumaged bird whose flight signals imminent catastrophe; and many even more terrible creatures. Some of them may have haunted the imagination of this most inventive people for more than three millennia.

Category: Folklore
Code: 10992
ISBN: 9789608808706
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 176
Publication Date: 2004
Publisher: Anagnosis
Published In: Greece
Language: English