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Papas' Mastering the Art of Traditional Greek Cooking


Full color illustrations by Bill Papas.

The book is filled with an abundance of culinary information on ingredients and cooking methods. The recipes reflect the Traditional Greek Cuisine which is vibrant, tasty and full of flavor (nostimia). It is simple and complex. It is healthy in the use of olive oil, olives (ranked 1st in the world per capita use) whole grains, fresh fruit, vegetables, lots of seefood, herbs and spices, and less red meat and fatty processed ingredients.

The author has included the classic traditional recipes and included new ones, broadening the use of traditional ingredients representing a wide spectrum of traditional recipes. More emphasis has been given to mezethes (appetizers) and Pites (savory and sweet pies) and grilling, very important in the traditional Greek cuisine. Due to the strict Fasting in the Greek Orthodox religion where no meat or meat byproducts, dairy, or any fish that contains blood is permitted on the Fast days, the recipes that are permitted are marked on top of the ingredients.

Category: Greek Cuisine
Code: 11188
ISBN: 9781598490527
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 262
Publication Date: 2008
Publisher: Papa' Culinary Enterprsises
Published In: USA
Language: English