Linda Leoussi

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Born in Athens, in the Acropolis district, Linda Leoussi studied at the Hellenic Conservatoire under the German Professor Alex Thurneysen, a student of the famous Italian pianist Ferrucio Busoni. She continued her studies first at Mozarteum Academy
of Music in Salzburg with Heinz Scholz, and then in Vienna with Joseph Dichler.

The debut of her international career was in Hamburg, followed by appearances as a soloist at international festivals as well as with orchestras in England, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Egypt, Spain and other countries of Europe.

In 1985, she made her American debut at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Then came appearances in New York, Chicago, Boston, Miami (Florida), and Montreal, and in many cities
in South America: Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, etc.