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Και το Αύριο, Τώρα Είναι (Kai to Avrio Tora Einai)


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Ιn the short stories presented here the reader is led by a singular apodeictic procedure, through logical and irrefutable arguments, to an awareness of the gradual decline of man’s fate, along a road that is, to the end, already full of impasses. This is conveyed not only by realistic representations, but also by symbolisms and parables, nurtured by the bleak corridors of the subconscious. These powerful psychographic texts, with welcome and moving essayist traits, are succinct, simple and profound tales of the wanderings of the mind in bodies transparent from pain. But there is humour too, at apposite moments, equally persuasive and spontaneous. All compose a polymorphous Ego, which suffers, which frets, which is verified in its decay, while the method of internalizing the plot in the psychological tension achieves literary results of choice quality, with a particular personal style that has been described as “postmodern”, “exquisitely balanced writing, neither excessively self-referential nor, on the contrary, academic”. The author narrates in silence, creating images of a life that pursues us, bites us, kills us; a universe inhabited by vivid personae, souls ferocious yet chivalrous, which live harrowingly but nonetheless redemptively, thanks to art, the gravitas of contemplation on the human condition.

Category: Short Stories
Code: 12386
ISBN: 9789606121012
Binding: Μαλακό Εξώφυλλο
Pages: 190
Publication Date: 2017
Publisher: Γρηγόρης
Published In: Ελλάδα
Language: Greek