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Human Boundaries

Oral, Song, Text, Hypertext

Human Boundaries explores dimensions of human sensibility (oral, literate, and electronic). It defines their territoriality and deals with the boundaries of human perception. The dimensions are examined in connection with cultural crystallizations: oral song, historiography, literature, art, and technology. Its focus is on the perception of time and space as well as the persistent regard for the referent (natural tendency of man and woman to keep at least a partial grip on physical reality). Oral sensibility is first explored in relation to the oral tradition of Cyprus and then in terms of a text situated between the oral and literate. The text, The Memoirs of Makriyannis, was “written” by an illiterate. Oral sensibility is also viewed in the context of art in a rigorous comparison of A. Diamantis (a studio artist) and M. Kashalos (a naïve artist).

Category: Essays
Code: 10941
ISBN: 9780932963123
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 229
Publication Date: 2008
Publisher: Nostos Books
Published In: USA
Language: English