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Greece's Secret Energy-Gates

The Complete Quidebook to Locating and Accessing Greece's Secret Matrixes, Ley Lines and Vortexes at the Ancient Sites

-Was the actual intention of ancient Greek artists (architects, musicians, sculptors and painters) to induce elevated, empowering states of awareness through their art? If so, what was their methodology?
-Has anyone experimented and explored the effects of ancient Greek art and architecture on contemporary people? What are the physical effects on the human body, including the bioelectrical body (the aura) which enters or walks around such temples?
-Did architects design and build temples with the aim of transcendence into other dimensions? Are the temples actually accumulators, vehicles or equipment for measuring the movements of cosmic bodies?

Code: 11682
ISBN: 9789600421170
Binding: p
Pages: 213
Publication Date: 2003
Publisher: Kedros
Published In: USA
Language: English