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History Of The Greek Revolution, Volume 1

Cambridge Library Collection - European History

Thomas Gordon (1788-1841), a British army officer and philhellene, was actively involved in the Greek struggle for independence during the period 1821-8. This two-volume work, published in 1833, provides a comprehensive account of the Greek Revolution, portraying the war 'as it really was' and describing atrocities perpetrated by both sides. In his preface, Gordon acknowledges that the contest between the Greeks and the Turks has been written about a great deal. He sets out his aims to 'clear away exaggeration, rectify errors and anachronisms, and supply omissions', and he draws upon insights gained from having lived and fought for several years in Greece. In his introduction to Volume 1, Gordon provides background information on Greece's history over the previous 2,500 years. He then describes the course of the revolution to the end of 1822, concluding with some observations on how it was regarded in the rest of Europe.

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