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Taking Control

Historical Adventure

Julian, a school boy on a trip to a museum, meets Mr. Callisthenes who offers to teach him about Alexander the Greata hero who is nothing more than a name to most modern children who know anything of him. They are to go back in time to visit Alexander at various points in his lifetime.

In the first episode, Alexander shows his father, King Philip, that he understands horses better than his elders. In the second vignette, Philip is assassinated and Alexander becomes ruler. Julian witnesses Alexander going to Troy and honoring Achilles, and making his claim as Achilles successor. Julian is at The Battle of Issus when Alexander defeats Darius, King of the Persians, and begins to subdue the Persian Empire. Julian comments on the taking of Tyre and the slaughter. Julian sees Alexander going to consult the Oracle of Ammon in Siwa, and he and his sister Melanie are present when Darius is killedwhen Alexander decides to return to Macedoniaand when he dies.

This is vivid history!

Category: 7 to 12 Υears
Code: 11655
ISBN: 9780898249989
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 157
Publication Date: 1990
Publisher: Royal Fireworks Press
Published In: USA
Age: 8 and up
Language: English