Alexandros Rizos Rangavis (Αλέξανδρος Ρίζος Ραγκαβής)


Alexander Rizos Rangavis was born in Constantinople in 1809. A member of a prominent Greek family of Phanariots of Phanariots (residents of Phanar, a Greek quarter of Constantinople), he went to Bucharest and later to Odessa, at a very young age. In 1825 he entered the Military School in Munich, and in 1830 he went to Greece; he wanted to serve his country that had just gained independence.

A multifaceted personality, possessing many talents, Rangavis became actively involved in many areas; he held government posts (Ministry of Education and of Foreign Affairs), became a university professor of archaeology, held diplomatic positions (ambassador in Washington and many European capitals), and produced an enormous amount of work, literary and otherwisw. Rangavis died in Athens in 1892.